Nadolig Llawen: A Llandudno Museum Christmas Event 18th Dec 2021

by | Dec 10, 2020 | What's On

Llandudno Museum History

Join Llandudno Museum and Gallery on December 18th at 6pm for a first-time public reading of author and Dylan Thomas enthusiast Aaron Farell’s story, “A Man’s Christmas In Wales: Portrait of the Artist as an Older Boy”. Composed for public reading in the same style as Dylan Thomas’ iconic piece “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, Farrell takes us from Dylan Thomas’ Swansea in the 1920’s to his own Swansea in the 1990’s when Wet Wet Wet topped the music charts with “Love Is All Around” and the film Home Alone first debuted.

This is a family-friendly event.

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