Prehistory is the study of time before written records. Layered in the soil and rocks under our feet, Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeontology, and Geology, are combined to uncover and reconstruct histories of past civilizations, landscapes, and organisms.

Prehistory Collection

From ancient landscapes and fossils to Bronze-age art, Llandudno Museum and Gallery has a prehistory collection that is truly unique. For instance, meet Blodwen, the 5,500-year-old Neolithic skeleton of a woman discovered on the Little Orme in 1880. Or look at Thomas Kendrick’s collection discovered on the Great Orme in 1881. Kendrick’s cave was a burial site over 10,000 years old and contained art from the last ice age such as a decorated horse jaw and decorated bear tooth necklace beads. 

Neolithic Bone Fragments

Blodwen’s Skull

Prehistoric Axe

Antler Pick

Kendrick’s Cave Decorated Horse Jaw

Kendrick’s Lower Jaw

Kendrick’s Cave Teeth Necklace

Thomas Kendrick

Blodwen’s Skeleton