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Understanding Llandudno history is about understanding change, resistance to change, and how the people of Llandudno’s past broke down barriers to create and refine what it means to exist and thrive in the world around them.

Our education programs are interactive, student-led, and fun.

National Curriculum of Wales

Family Friendly Museum Award

Our activities follow the National Curriculum of Wales to encourage learners who are:

  1. Ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives.
  2. Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.
  3. Ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.
  4. Healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

We teach history through a series of arts, crafts, historical object handling, talks, walks, activities, and re-enactments. Our sessions are fully inclusive and can be adjusted for students at all education levels.

Primary and Secondary Schools: Llandudno Museum and Gallery offers a range of classes and activities for school groups of all sizes. Book a short session, a half-day, or a full day with our museum educators. We also work closely with the Home Front Museum to offer combined education experiences. We have basic packages that include Prehistory, Romans, Victorians, World War 1, World War 2, Art, Geology, Archaeology, and Ecology. Contact our Education Officer for prices and details, or to request a specific teaching session.

Toddler Tea Morning: This is an informal session where parents are encouraged to bring in their toddlers to play games that teach shapes, colours, songs, and history. While your toddler is playing enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with like-minded parents. See What’s On to find out when our next meeting occurs.


Teachers and teaching assistants with school groups enter free.


  • Self-Guided Tour with Story Bags: £2.50 per child
  • Guided Tour with Story Bags: £4.50 per child
  • Guided Tour with Story Bags and Activity: £5.50 per child


  • Self-Guided Tour with teaching notes: £2.50 per young person
  • Guided Tour with Museum Activity: £4.50 per young person
  • All other groups or to arrange a booking, please contact Manjushaw Gurindapalli.

School groups are welcome to use the Biodiversity Garden free of charge. Lunch for schools can be arranged with the Museum.
Our Education Room capacity is 16 young people or 18 children at a time. Larger groups will need to be divided.

Llandudno's Oldest Resident

Llandudno’s Oldest Resident


A Blackboard

Primary School Education WW2 Kids

Primary School Education WW2 Kids


A range of activities and meet ups for children, adults and seniors.


Seniors Coffee Morning: This is an informal session where seniors can come in for a Tea/Coffee and a chat about specific museum objects with like-minded individuals. Explore, learn, love, and share Llandudno’s rich and interesting history. See What’s On to find out when our next meeting occurs.

Adult Learning: We offer a range of adult classes that include history talks, historical and modern crafts, art sessions, walks, and much more. If you have a group of 5, you can also book an object handling session. Please contact our Education Officer for details.

The Dig Discoverers – (Ages 6-11) This group of young archaeologists and geologists will discover the hidden worlds right under their feet. This group meets once a month for adventures with fossils, dinosaurs, skeletons, Roman’s, and more.  See What’s On to find out when our next meeting occurs.

Future Curators Club— (Ages 12-16) This group of young curators will create a mini-exhibition every year, take over the museum for a day, take over our social media for a day, and learn how the museum chooses, displays, stores, and maintains the artifacts that make up Llandudno Museum and Gallery’s 9,000 artifact collection. See What’s On to find out when our next meeting occurs.

Want to Volunteer? Click here to find out how.

142 Squadron Air Cadets Llandudno

Adult Education Ceramics Class

Student Placements

Student Placements


We work closely with local schools and colleges to provide opportunities in the community.


Student Placements: (Ages 16 and Over) Thinking of working in Heritage but not sure where to start? Why not volunteer for one of our student placements? This opportunity allows you to practice your interview skills, work alongside the Education Officer on a project of your choice, get professional feedback, build your CV, and develop skills necessary to work in the Heritage sector. Applications are accepted in January for Spring placement, June for Summer placement, and September for Winter placement. Please contact the Education Officer with questions or to request an application.

Teaching Focus Group Tea Party: Teaching Focus Group Tea Party: Our teaching focus group is the heart of our education design. If you are a teacher, lecturer, or are just interested in Heritage education, join us once a quarter for a tea party with cakes. Together we will explore the museum, discuss issues facing the education sector, support your further education goals, share and brainstorm future museum events, and share good practice. This group is free to join and completely voluntary. To sign up please contact the Education Officer.

Adult Education

Cleaning Up After Leaf Art

Cleaning Up After Leaf Art

Dig Discoverers

Dig Discoverers

White Rabbit Statue