Llandudno Museum Donation Appeal

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We are raising money in aid of CHARDON TRUST, a small charitable trust that maintain and run our local museum for the benefit of our

The Llandudno Museum & Gallery offers a range of educational and creative activities to our local communities. We take pride in being the only accredited museum in Conwy Borough County with the necessary facilities and capacity to accommodate school groups. Our ethos is to protect and share the stories of our local community, which have played a significant role in shaping our area’s identity.

Our museum boasts an impressive collection of objects, including the crown from the 1896 Llandudno Eisteddfod, the neolithic lady Blodwen of the Little Orme, a Roman child’s footprint, a 1200-year-old Celtic Bell (one of only seven in Wales), or discover how Llandudno hosted the Olympics in the 1860s and transformed to a fashionable Victorian Resort In just under 60 years. Art enthusiasts can also visit the Chardon Gallery to view exquisite works from around the world.

If its local individuals who made a difference, then meet the Field Club who were early conservationists at the beginning of the 20th century. Their records provide an amazing snapshot of the local flora and fauna. Or join us for a Women’s History Walk or an LGBTQ+ history walk and discover the trail blazers and campaigners of the past. We research and keep these stories alive, so you know who have gone before. Additionally, we maintain a biodiversity garden and summerhouse for educational and wellbeing activities.

One of our primary objectives is to invest in the future of our youth by providing them with a safe and educational environment to explore and uncover captivating stories. We collaborate with schools, colleges, community organizations, and charities to create positive experiences and inspire a sense of place. We also offer training and opportunities for personal growth. Much of this work is done for free or heavily subsidised.

To continue our vital work, we rely on your support. A contribution of:

  • £40 can cover the costs of a day’s collections care, ensuring that our heritage remains protected for future generations.
  • £40 can cover the expenses of an outreach visit
  • £45 can fund a session for individuals with additional needs
  • £50 can support a creative well-being session
  • £75 can fund volunteering research and training days
  • £90 can allow a free school visit

When you visit us, you will have the opportunity to explore our six unique galleries, each highlighting a different aspect of our cultural heritage, from our earliest past to the boys of Tan y Bryn School. Perhaps you may even find one of your family members featured in our exhibits.

Our Gwynt y Mor Gallery, a temporary exhibition space, highlights a new exhibition every six months. This year, we have an exhibition titled ‘The Joy of Small Things,’ which features dollhouses and miniature objects.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of fifty-five dedicated volunteers who assist us with our work as a community museum and gallery.

As a charitable institution, the Llandudno Museum relies on the generosity of individuals to help us fulfil our mission of providing education, inspiration, opportunity, and preservation of our community’s heritage. Your contributions will play a vital role in sustaining and operating our museum.


Llandudno Museum & Art Gallery

You can also help us by donating to our GoFundMe fundraiser project, any amount towards our goal is highly appreciated!

As well as our Crowdfunder page!