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Another gorgeous early evening walk - West shore beach, Llandudno 🥰@ItsYourWales @capturewalesuk @ThePhotoHour @Ruth_ITV @StormHour @DerekTheWeather @OnlyNorthWales @ChrisPage90 @CTywydd @365Wales ... @LocalWales @Sue_Charles @nwalessocial @northwalesmag


Our Facebook post about Roman roads and this Roman road Itinerary XI is going down a storm today.
But Likes? as hard to get as poop from a rocking horse...
Support your local Roman fort or the ... Premiership calls me.


Sometimes our history isn't pretty. In 1846 The Riot Act was read after 300 local workers arranged an attack on Irish 'navvies' building the railway through Pen, due to fears about Irish immigration. ... The violence was so bad, police were reluctant to act without military presence.

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