The Romans

The Roman Empire had a big impact on many aspects of British life. The Roman’s modernised Britain with the introduction of clean drinking water, legal systems and many aspects of infrastructure from roads to central heating.

The Roman Collection

Explore the domestic and military lives of Roman soldiers from the nearby Canovium Roman fort, Caerhun. Built out of timber in 75 AD and eventually replaced with stone, the Canovium fort is thought to have housed a 500-strong regiment of foot-soldiers with a headquarters building, commanding officer’s house, granaries, and barrack blocks.

Kanovium Project re-creation of Canovium Roman fort by See3DLtd

Roman Game “Latrunculi” with counters

Roman Tear bottle with turned up feet

Roman Tear bottle with turned up feet

Roman Pot

Legion Roof Tile with inscription LEGXXVV

Kanovium Flask

Kanovium Oil Lamp top view

Kanovium Roman Jug top

Kanovium Roman Coin