Walks & Outdoor Activities

If you prefer outdoor activities, we have plenty for you to enjoy. Llandudno Museum is host to a wide variety of walks for you to learn about history with our guides while being able to see it for yourself. All walks start from the Llandudno Museum reception and it is recommended to wear suitable clothing. Tickets to all walks can be purchased either at the reception or booked online at https://llandudno-museum.arttickets.org.uk/

Click on any of our walks below that you’re interested in to be taken to it’s booking page.

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Llandudno Heritage Walk

Immerse yourself in the fascinating tales, legends, and mysteries as we uncover Llandudno’s hidden secrets. From its beginnings as a humble fishing village to its transformation into a fashionable Victorian seaside resort, the heritage walk will provide valuable insights into the local history that shaped Llandudno into the captivating destination it is today.

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Old Llandudno Walk

Llandudno hasn’t always been a holiday resort. It was once a small village. The purpose of this Walk is to primarily look at Llandudno before the hotels arrived, to look at Llandudno as a small village and how the town built up around them, and eventually it’s remaking as a Victorian Bathing Resort.  Walk starts from Llandudno museum.

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Starting at Llandudno Museum and Gallery, we will promenade stopping along the way to share stories of people and events that shaped Llandudno’s LGBTQ+ history. Moving along the Promenade to The Washington Hotel (now Dylan’s Llandudno) before traveling up Vaughn Street to MOSTYN Gallery. We move from the past and into the future of Llandudno’s rediscovered LGBTQ+ heritage.