Trained for the Sea, Nautical Ships and Schools in the 18th Century – Women in a Man’s World 29th March 2021

by | Mar 16, 2021 | What's On

Llandudno Museum History

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For well over a hundred years all around the coast of Britain there were located a series of nautical training ships.

Often surplus navy wooden walls, the ships provided a means of educating boys and young men, while preparing them for a lifetime at sea. In the 19th century it was rare, but not unknown, to see women working afloat in this very hard and dangerous life.

On March 29th 2021 at 7pm Phil Carradice explores the Hidden History of women such as Sarah Jane Rees, who was renowned for the quality of the navigational and nautical training available at her school, and the training ships that helped keep Britain a maritime nation from their foundation to their demise.

Phil Carradice is the author of over 40 books including Nautical Training Ships: An Illustrated History and host of BBC Radio Wales, The Past Master