What’s on February 2024

Tickets for all events can be purchased online at https://llandudno-museum.arttickets.org.uk/ or at the museum reception desk.

Any walk-related activities and events can be found here: https://llandudnomuseum.co.uk/outdoor-activities/


February 3rd

Museum Unseen

This brand new tour will give you the chance to see museum objects up close, ranging from a Leopard’s skull from the Llandudno field club collection, an Indian made Blunderbuss from the original Chardon collection, some intriguing specimens from our reserve entomology collection and many other fascinating objects.

This tour will run from 10:30 to 11:30, £6 per person, Limited booking, Museum entry is included with booking.

February 10th

Diamond Painting

Tracey Jenkinson will be leading a one-of-a-kind diamond painting session that is perfect for adults looking to embrace their creativity and celebrate the season of love. This popular craft combines the elegance of gemstones with the simplicity of painting, resulting in a stunning work of art that anyone can create. 

The session will run from 11 am to 12 pm. All materials for the session will be provided, and the cost for the session is only £5 per person.

February 17th 

Love Spoons

This Valentine’s Day don’t settle for a generic gift. Instead, express your love and creativity by crafting a beautiful love spoon for your special someone.  Under the expert guidance of our craft team, you will learn the art of crafting beautiful love spoons. Love spoons have a rich cultural significance, symbolizing love, affection, and friendship. 

This activity runs from 11 am to 12 pm, £5 per person, material is included.

February 28th

Llandudno from Neolithic Times to Present Day

Guest Speaker & Trustee Judith Phillips will be giving an exciting gallery talk about the rich history of Llandudno. From its ancient roots in the Neolithic to the vibrant present day, this presentation promises an informative journey through our local history.

This event is suitable for ages 12 and above, £5 per person, Limited booking.

February 29th

Generous Benefactors

From the Victorian era to present times, these generous benefactors believed in the greatness of Llandudno and invested in its future. Their names have become synonymous with the character of the town, yet their personal histories and motivations have remained shrouded in mystery. Dr Jeff Morgan will delve deep into the lives of these fascinating individuals.

This event will run from 1pm to 2pm and is suitable for ages 12+, Tickets are £5 per person.